Plate compactor

Product Detail

Features of our plate compactor


KINGER plate compactor has 4 models which is suitable for 1.5-30ton excavator,skid steer and backhoe loader etc.


-Flow Control Valve regulates oil flow to prevent the motor from overspeed

-Import Hydraulic Valve for protecting the motor


Wear resistant bottom plate is difficult to crack and it can provide longer lifetime.

Product Description

KINGER Plate Compactor range is strongly built with angled shock absorbing rubbers for longer lifetime and better carrier protection. An in-built flow controller and pressure relief protect the American Permco hydraulic motor.That make KINGER compactor widely used, suitable for asphalt mixture, various sandy soil, gravel, gravel and lime soil compaction operations

Detailed Photos


Above is our hydraulic plate compactor specification for your reference.We can match suitable model according to your excavator/skid steer/backhoe loader etc weight class.Any questions welcome to contact us.